WP3 - Experience of Speed Management in Practice

The methodologies used to ensure the proposed results of this WP include direct consultations of road operators and practitioners, as well as interviews and probably focus groups (road authorities, road workers, policemen).

The goal of WP3 is to identify the practical usability and effectiveness of some specific speed control systems and measures preferred by the NRA's. Another part of WP3 is the evaluation of speed data and its analysis (also data correlations on the effects of speed control systems on the safety situation in work zones; maybe investigations directly with data coming from the road operators).

Depending on the findings of WP2 and WP3, WP4 may study speed behaviour in special areas of interest (show cases). WP3 will provide some recommendations (input to WP5) for effective measures to significantly reduce the speed of vehicles driven through road work zones, such as the introduction of an enforcement system (stated above), together with the scope of practical use for NRA.